• The Temporal Axis of Space-Time

    Date and time calculations are notoriously difficult to get right. It seems like every month, another app is in the news for getting dates and time wrong. All of these problems stem from conceptual misunderstandings about what question to ask, and how to find the answer. Discover the simple and significant strategies for making sure you get these kinds of complicated problems right.

  • The Laws of Magic

    Learn to develop intelligent and immersive experiences by following rules inspired by Sci-Fi and Fantasy fiction. Like software, a complex and engaging magic system uses guidelines to construct a concrete user experience. This talk explores some speculative laws that support fictional world-building and shows how you can incorporate these lessons into your day-to-day app and code development to produce the same result: user engagement, purpose, and a sense of wonder.

  • Designing Accessible APIs

    Over the past 10 years of designing and shipping APIs to millions of developers, I’ve developed some fundamental rules I follow. These rules makes APIs accessible: they’re powerful but easy to use, even for novice developers. In this talk, we’ll explore these rules and how they can help you design APIs that stand the test of time and are a pleasure to use.

  • A Better MVC

    There are many different ways to build your apps, and each approach brings its own set of challenges and pitfalls. Recent years have seen the emergence of patterns like MVVM, VIPER, FRP, and ReactNative that attempt to solve some of MVC’s problems. In this talk, we’ll make some observations about MVC that will lead us to a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind the design. In turn, these realizations will allow us to easily avoid MVC’s most common problems without having to fight the frameworks.

  • Giving Technical Presentations

    The ins and outs of building and delivering technical presentations

  • Advanced NSOperations

    Operations are a flexible way to model your app’s business logic, but they can do so much more. See how NSOperation forms the heart of the WWDC app, and how using features like dependencies, readiness, and composition allow you to quickly and easily build dynamic and complex apps.

  • Internationalization Tips & Tricks

    With users spread all around the globe, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to how they expect to see information in your apps. Formatting currency and dates in the user’s preferred way can make the difference between a frustrating experience and a great app. Handling different locales properly doesn’t take a lot of work and can broaden the reach of your application. Come see how you can add an international flair to your app today.

  • The Power of Predicates

    A deep dive in to NSPredicate and NSPredicateEditor - two powerful tools for dealing with truthiness.


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