• If iPads were meant for kids

    I bought my kids (6 & 8) their own iPads last fall. I’m nice, and I’m fortunate to be able to afford it. However, I’ve come to realize that despite my attempts to spoil my kids, these iPads (and all iOS devices in general) are not meant for kids.

  • Apple Networking Feedback

    Recently Quinn, an engineer on the Developer Technical Support team at Apple, posted a request for feedback on Apple’s networking APIs. Here are his questions and my answers:

  • Sometimes I hate being a programmer

    There are two things that make me hate being a programmer.

  • Swift Protocols Wishlist

    If I were Supreme Swift Potentate, there are a few things I’d change about how Swift deals with protocols, and how this gets manifest in the standard library.

  • The 2018c Timezone Database Update

    I subscribe to a couple of mildly interesting and low-volume email lists. One such list is the tz-announce list hosted by ICANN. It’s the list for people who care way too much about timezones.

  • Simplifying Swift framework development

    I’ve developed a handy trick when writing frameworks in Swift that makes the overall process a little bit nicer, and it’s just adding a single file to your framework.

  • Reading your own entitlements

    When you’re writing an iOS or macOS app, you typically don’t need to dynamically know what your own entitlements are. However, there are a couple of rare circumstances when it could be Nice To Have.

  • Misusing enums

    This is a response to Matt Diephouse’s article, which is itself a response to John Sundell’s article. You should go read these first.

  • Level up your debugging skills

    Finding the root cause of an error in your app can often feel very intimidating, whether you’re brand-new to programming or you’ve been building coding for decades. Debugging problems can be extremely time consuming. Where do you start looking? How do you know if what you think is the problem is actually the problem?

  • My Rating System

    Recently I’ve posted a couple of tweets rating some movies I’ve seen, and I almost always get asked about my rating system, because it’s a little unusual.